This year, Skype introduced three short stories that focus on family and friends keeping in touch over long distances. Their accounts are wildly different, heartfelt approaches to living apart from loved ones. The most remarkable was that of Sarah from Nappanee, Indiana, about her unique friendship with Paige from Auckland, New Zealand.We’re like two needles in a haystack…that just found each other

When Sarah’s mother was pregnant, she discovered Sarah would be born without a left arm and searched for other families in a similar situation. Once she connected with Paige’s mother, who also had a baby girl without a left arm, the two became fast friends over email through shared support and information. Over time, the two families drifted apart until one day Sarah reached out to Paige and soon they started using Skype for hours, nearly every day. For over eight years, the two have been able to talk face-to-face, and it has been life-changing for each of them to have someone who could help them through adolescence.

Growing up together on opposite ends of the world, Sarah and Paige are as close as sisters but have never met in person until this year. The video chronicles an introduction of a lifetime when the two girls and their mothers meet in person in Paige’s hometown of Auckland.

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